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"There is no doubt in my mind, The Drinker is Fallada's most honest and courageous book. "

Yonatan Geffen


  • "Stasi Wolf, the sequel to Stasi Child, is just as suspensful and thrilling… The quality of the writing makes one eager for the next book in the series." (David Rosenthal, Walla!) more…

  • "I loved Stasi Child, the first in the series, and Stasi Wolf is just as good. Now I'm waiting for the next book in the series." (Gadi Eidelheit, "Bikorot Sfarim") more…

  • Kfar Saba 2000: "Fermentto's treatment of her protagonists is neither condescending nor demeaning, but it recognizes the fact that youth violence in Israel has been overblown, not least by the young generation itself. Her point of view articulates this excess in a grotesque manner. Fermentto does this is by subtly and sparingly comparing the substantial difference between the suburbs of New York with those of Kfar Saba: the rapidly approaching possibility for Israeli sixteen-seventeen year olds to receive a uniform and weapon and express all their aggressions legally, openly, as a necessary act, patriotic and possibly even bourgeois and boring." (Yuval Avivi, "Haaretz") more…

  • Kfar Saba 2000 - "In a reality in which readers prefer to read translated works, or to complain about contemporary literature being worthless, it is to necessary to state unequivocally – there are young and superb authors in Israel, one of whom is Julia Fermentto." (Haaretz) more…

  • "My Mother's Shadow is a beautiful and captivating book that draws us into the complicated life of a young woman whose only desire was to love and be loved." (Rubina, "Saloona") more…

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