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"There is no doubt in my mind, The Drinker is Fallada's most honest and courageous book. "

Yonatan Geffen


  • "The Dud Avocado is a captivating and funny novel about a young American woman in Paris during the 50's… The heroine is enchanting – ambitious, brilliant and adventureous – and so are her whirlwind happenings in Paris. The author Elaine Dundee has succeeded in creating a revolutionary female character in 1950's – and even in today's terms." ("Haaretz") more…

  • Bitter -" Highly recommended because it is tragic and captivating, without falling into the trap of cliche sayings. An unforgettable book that will stay with you long after reading it." (Meira Barnea Goldberg, "Mako") more…

  • The Lost Letters of William Woolf – "A wonderful, wonderful book!!I hope you enjoy it as much as I have." (Limor Balal, Book Lovers' Club) more…

  • The Lost Letters of William Woolf  – "I loved the plot and protagonists. The book examines a couple's deteriorating relationship and courage in overcoming all odds.  A recommended read." (Hagit Ben Hur, "Book Parliament") more…

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