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"There is no doubt in my mind, The Drinker is Fallada's most honest and courageous book. "

Yonatan Geffen


  • Nightmare in Berlin - "The reader is captivated by the protagonist's  raw nerves… and is unable to stop reading." (Talma Admon, "Maariv") more…

  • "The translation of William Faulkner's Short Stories into Hebrew is a rare and special literary event… Lovers of literature should seize the opportunity to familiarise themselves with his work." (Yehuda Olamo-Avital. "Motsash") more…

  • "A beautiful female spy, a naive British officer, a Nazi spymaster and a British spymaster: these are the ingredients which make a winning cocktail titled The Best of Our Spies." (Ran Edelist, "Maariv") more…

  • "The Rythm of Memory is simply beautiful! A love story which brings you to tears… I highly recommend it!" (Carmit Bar-Gil, "Carmitshuk") more…

  • "The Best of Our SpiesA thrilling read." (Shiri Tsuk, "The Morning Show". Reshet) more…

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Founded in 1997, Penn Publishing's first contributions to the world of literature were its original, modern translations of world classics and best-sellers. Since its inception, however, Penn has seen remarkable growth not only in its audience, but especially in its catalogue and variety of publications.

Working in cooperation with international publishing houses, we have already earned a reputation as one of the freshest, most innovative publishers and packagers of books in the industry today. Illustrated books that unite the highest quality photography with the informative texts of leading scholars make up the greater part of our international titles. English-language works in categories such as Travel and Culture, and contemporary Lifestyle and Culinary books, are amongst our most recent and our upcoming publications.

Our Hebrew catalogue is comprised of translations of world classics and best-sellers, and includes both fiction and non-fiction. We are proud to announce that we are the exclusive Hebrew publishers of the complete works of Ernest Hemingway and the extensive series of Barnes & Noble's Classics.

Many of our translations of these timeless stories will be the very first available to the Hebrew-speaking world. We encourage you to explore our site and stay in touch with us. If you'd like to be amongst the first to receive notification of our new publications and achievements, you are invited to join our mailing list and watch us grow