Dijon Amba

Doron Hackam

An innocent reply to an email confronts a young Israeli lawyer with the security services and the revelation of his family’s haunting and tragic history.

The plot takes place at the end of the 20th century, alternately in Tel Aviv and Iraq, linking dramatic events taking place in the 70’s in lively Tel Aviv with the fate of the tiny Jewish community still living in Iraq at the time. Amba Dijon follows Lehem, a young single Israeli lawyer, and Da-ud, a young half-Jew living in Bagdad. Their stories, together with those of the other characters, provide for a heart-rending and often humorous reading.

Using an original and fresh style, Doron Hackam examines the inextricable link between personal and communal history and uses satirical arrows to poke fun at modern life sacred cows. Beautifully crafted and deeply affecting, Amba Dijon is a courageous human document which invites the reader to observe and re-examine his surroundings.