On Passion

Rachel Gottesman

On Passion invites the reader to follow Eros, the Greek god of love and passion, on a journey in trail of the desires of the body and the yearnings of the heart. It retells ancient mythological tales that revolve around  love and erotica, and sails from them toward the present. Gottesman weaves Myths, interpretations,  prose and poetry, visual images, and her own personal voice – love stories in the first person – into an exploration of the human experience of love. The book cleverly mixes  the ancient past with the present, the personal with the universal, till it appears as if Zeus is staring at you at the café and Helena still pays the price for her excessive beauty to this day.

On Passion examines the varied phases of erotic love; from the early infatuation, through the desire of the flesh, till a painful breakup, from moments of profligacy and lust to the philosophical love. The sweeping writing binds the reader to the myth of eternal love and invites him or her to embark on his or her own journey through the painful and beautiful route of desire.