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"There is no doubt in my mind, The Drinker is Fallada's most honest and courageous book. "

Yonatan Geffen


  • "The Silent Patient: More than a psychological thriller, an intelectual delight. In his bestseller, Alex Michaelides weaves a story about a man killed by his wife. The characters a expertly written and the plot is crammed with twists and turns resulting an impossible to put down thriller." (Hadas Ribak, "Haaretz")


  • "None of the stories in The Complete Short Stories by Truman Capote falls short… All are splendid, all are acurate descriptions of sentiments and all are brilliant descriptions of man's solitude." (Ran Yagil, "Haaretz")


  • "If you are a lover of Skandinavian thrillers, The Girl Without a Skin is the icing on the cake. I haven't read such a rich and dark thrillier since the Stig Larson trilogy." (Noa Holtzer, "The Book Parliament")

  • "Bleeding corpses and spilled guts: Mads Peder Nordbo's book The Girl Without Skin will make you shiver with delight." (Ariana Melamad, "Haaretz")


  • "While reading The Complete Stories by Truman CapoteI wish to thank once again the publisher, translator and editor Rachel Penn for her initiative to translate this collection in spite of the current unfavourable trend when it comes to short stories." (Talma Admon, "Maariv")


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Founded in 1997, Penn Publishing's first contributions to the world of literature were its original, modern translations of world classics and best-sellers. Since its inception, however, Penn has seen remarkable growth not only in its audience, but especially in its catalogue and variety of publications.
Our catalogue is comprised of translations of world classics and best-sellers, and consists mainly of literary and commercial fiction. We are proud to be the exclusive Hebrew-language publishers of the works of both Ernest Hemingway and William Faulkner, as well as many contemporary award-winning voices. Many of our translations of these timeless stories will be the very first available to the Hebrew-speaking world.
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