A Grain of Truth

A Grain of Truth

Zygmunt Miloszewski

It is spring 2009, and prosecutor Szacki is no longer working in Warsaw—he has said goodbye to his family and to his career in the capital and moved to Sandomierz, a picturesque town full of churches and museums. Hoping to start a “brave new life,” Szacki instead finds himself investigating a strange murder case in surroundings both alien and unfriendly.

The victim is found brutally murdered, her body drained of blood. The killing bears the hallmarks of legendary Jewish ritual slaughter, prompting a wave of anti-Semitic paranoia in the town, where everyone knows everyone. The murdered woman’s husband is bereft, but when Szacki discovers that she had a lover, the husband becomes the prime suspect. Before there’s time to arrest him, he is found murdered in similar circumstances. In his investigation Szacki must wrestle with the painful tangle of Polish–Jewish relations and something that happened more than sixty years earlier.

Zygmunt Miloszewski was born in Warsaw, Poland, in 1975. His first novel The Intercom was published in 2005 to high acclaim. In 2006 he published The Adder Mountains; in 2010, the crime novelEntanglement; and this year its sequel, A Grain of Truth.

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A Grain of Truth - Reviews

“In Entanglement Miloszewski takes an engaging look at modern Polish society in this stellar first in a new series starring Warsaw prosecutor Teodor Szacki. Readers will want to see more of t...

Publisher’s Weekly Publishers Weekly

“A Grain of Truth is fun to read, written with humor and the translation is up to date as well as fluent. I enjoyed reading it, liked prosecutor Scazki and was captivated by the plot.”

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Zohara Ron, Globes

“It is a delight to read a novel that navigates successfully, with talent and knowledge, between troubling stories from the past and a troubling present.”

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Professor David Assaf, Ha'aretz