Apple Tree Yard

Apple Tree Yard

Louise Doughty

An intelligent, erotically charged thriller with deep moral implications.

Yvonne Carmichael, a renowned geneticist, public authority, and happily married mother of two, sits in the witness box. The charge is murder. Across the courtroom, not meeting her eye, sits her alleged accomplice. He wears the beautiful pin-striped suit he wore on their first meeting in the Houses of Parliament, when he put his hand on her elbow and guided her to a deserted chapel, where she began to undress. As the barrister’s voice grows low and sinuous, Yvonne realizes she’s lost herself and the life she’d built so carefully to a man who never existed at all.

After their first liaison, Yvonne’s lover tells her very little about himself, but she comes to suspect his secrecy has an explanation connected with the British government. So thrilled and absorbed is she in her newfound sexual power that she fails to notice the real danger about to blindside her from a seemingly innocuous angle. Then, reeling from an act of violence, Yvonne discovers that her desire for justice and revenge has already been compromised. Everything hinges on one night in a dark little alley called Apple Tree Yard.

Suspenseful, erotically charged, and masterfully paced, Louise Doughty’s Apple Tree Yard is an intelligent psychological thriller about desire and its consequences by a writer of phenomenal gifts.

Apple Tree Yard - In the press

“Apple Tree Yard is a novel about love, passion and a woman’s ownership of her body… A pa...

“Apple Tree Yard combines a psychological thriller with a court room drama and a love story – a...

Apple Tree Yard author Louise Doughty discusses her best seller with Time Out Tel Aviv.

Apple Tree Yard - Reviews

“An elegant thriller about life choices, powerful, special, without bloody scenes, disturbing and incisive.”

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Lee Yenini, Nuritha

“What a lovely book, both a novel and a thriller. Well written, the style is very subtle and beautiful… I recommend it.”

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“Apple Tree Yard is a disturbing thriller, elegant and with added value.”

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Galit Weiner, People of the Book

“Nobody who reads Apple Tree Yard is likely to complain about feeling short-changed … Here the sharp domestic details are powerfully combined with (among other things) a dark crime thri...

Reader's Digest

“Doughty writes with consummate pacing and psychological acuity, bringing fresh force to a common regret of adulterous lovers.”

New Yorker

“So, so good.”

Jojo Moyes

“Welcome to Louise Doughty’s world in which individuals are complex and fallible … Doughty drops sharp, shiver-inducing insights, like winter raindrops, on every page … The ...

Independent on Sunday

“Taut and psychologically persuasive … A disquieting, perceptive and gripping read.”

Daily Mail

“A compelling cautionary tale of what happens when fantasy begins to occlude real life. “The trouble with stories is, they are addictive,” Doughty states. In this case, she may ne...


“Doughty is a brilliant storyteller who knows how to build the suspense to breaking point.”

The Times