Fat Is Not Your Fate

Fat Is Not Your Fate

Susan Mitchell and Catherine Christie

What Type Are You?

-Do you crave foods such as chocolate and feel you can’t stop eating them? (Phenotype A = Addictive)

-Does high blood pressure run in your family? (Phenotype B = Blood pressure)

-Do you have a strong family history of heart disease? (Phenotype C = Cardiovascular)

-Do you have an apple- instead of a pear-shaped body? (Phenotype D = Diabetic)

-Do you find that food calms you down? (Phenotype E = Emotional)

-Do you suffer monthly from PMS bloat, have leftover pregnancy pounds, or a menopause tummy? (Phenotype H = Hormonal)

Take the phenotype quiz and learn how to manage your weight based on your individual type!

Your Personal Blueprint For Permanent Weight Loss

Have you tried diet after diet only to lose weight and then gain it right back? It’s easy to blame yourself for this yo-yo dieting, but the truth is that no diet works the same way for everyone. Scientists have now discovered that your genes may be making you fat! What you really need to battle the bulge is an eating plan specifically tailored to the needs of your genetic blueprint.

Dr. Susan Mitchell and Dr. Catherine Christie, using cutting-edge genetic research, have created diet plans that have helped scores of clients lose weight and keep it off. In “Fat Is Not Your Fate,” they give you the tools you need to outsmart your own genes.

An in-depth questionnaire will help you identify which of the six gene-based phenotypes best applies

to you.

A = Addictive

B = Blood pressure

C = Cardiovascular

D = Diabetic

E = Emotional

H = Hormonal

From there you’ll be able to follow your own personal nutrition plan designed to satisfy your physical and emotional needs. The program canbe put to work immediately and includes:

-Menu plans for when you have a lot of time and when you don’t

-Your optimum caloric intake

-Your optimum fat-protein-carb balance

-Which supplements to take for best results

Your plan will also detail when you should eat, which food combinations work best, how to avoid dieting pitfalls and handle relapses, how to manage environmental triggers, and the most effective ways

to exercise.

Having put this diet to work with scores of clients (whose testimonials appear throughout the book), Drs. Mitchell and Christie have refined a scientifically based plan that really achieves weight loss. This diet will not only get the weight off but will also improve your health, lower your risk of disease, and help you feel great. “Fat Is Not Your Fate” is the only book tailored to your genes and the last diet book you will ever need.