Flanagan’s Run

Flanagan’s Run

Tom McNab

Daunted by the prospect of running a marathon? The 3,000-mile Transamerica epic race that is the subject of this novel puts it very much in perspective. It is depression-era America and notorious huckster, Flanagan, plans the ultimate race, reeling in contestants with the promise of a glittering jackpot prize. At the starting line 2,000 audacious hopefuls line up from every walk of life and all ends of the globe, each with something to prove. As they run themselves ragged across America, they come up against numerous hazards, including the precipitous Rockies, shady mobsters and crooked officials. Their different stories, ambitions and dreams converge through a shared determination which will inspire you to push on to the finishing line.

Flanagan’s Run - Reviews

“Like a great long-distance runner, the author paces his story to perfection.”

New York Times