Four Letters of Love

Four Letters of Love

Niall Williams

In love everything changes, and continues changing all the time. There is no stillness, no stopped clock of the heart in which the moment of happiness holds forever, but only the constant whirring forward motion of desire and need . . .

Nicholas Coughlan and Isabel Gore are meant for each other – they just don’t know it yet. Though each has found both heartache and joy in the wild Irish landscape, their paths are yet to cross. But as God, ghosts, fate and the sheer power of true love pull Nicholas and Isabel together, so too does life threaten to tear them apart . . .

Magical, lyrical and deeply romantic, Four Letters of Love moved readers the world over and became an international bestseller. It is a life-affirming paean to human folly, to fate, and to the miracle of love.

Four Letters of Love - In the press

Read the opening chapter of Four Letters of Love by Niall Williams, courtesy of Yisrael Hayom.

Four Letters of Love - Reviews

“A delicate and graceful love story that is also an exaltation of love itself . . . a luminously written, magical work of fiction . . . Extraordinarily rooted in the Irish language and landsc...

New York Times

“This book can rightly claim its place among the classics of Irish literature. A wonderfully affecting love story.”

Belfast Telegraph

“A lyrical and passionate novel shot through with the belief in divine order versus chaos; the belief in destiny and the demonic fight against it, and, in spite of all the evidence that life ...


“A joy, an acutely evocative and sexual story . . . my God I couldn’t put it down.”

Marianne Faithfull

“A breathtaking affirmation of miracles and the power of human love.”

The Times