Mamma, Pappa, Barn

Mamma, Pappa, Barn

Carin Gerhardsen

Three year-old Hanna wakes up completely alone in a locked flat. She knows that her daddy is in Japan – but where is her mummy? Could it be that she has moved out, leaving Hanna behind?
The following morning, Petra Westman from the Hammarby Police finds an unconscious infant in some shrubbery, and shortly thereafter stumbles upon the mother’s dead body hidden inside a gritbin. The strange thing is that nobody seems to be missing them.
But just as an investigation is launched, the Hammarby Police is faced with yet another case. A teenage girl has been found murdered onboard Cinderella – one of Viking Line’s cruiseships – and during a visit to her family home, it soon becomes clear that her younger sister is likely to meet a similar fate.
Both cases turn out to be difficult challenges for detective chief inspector Conny Sjöberg and his colleagues, especially as the team itself is afflicted with internal troubles and personal tragedies.

Mamma, Pappa, Barn - Reviews

“Mamma, Papa, Barn is a well-paced Swedish thriller, with likable heroes who will soon be back. “

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Orit Harel, Motke

“To the very end, we keep trying to piece together all the small clues that Carin Gerhardsen has scattered for us.”

Halland P4

“Skilfully written and a well composed intrigue – this holds promise for the next book. There are definitely some threads that I want to follow to the end.”

Anders Wennberg, Gefle Dagblad