Wake Up, Sir!

Wake Up, Sir!

Jonathan Ames

Alan Blair, the hero of Wake Up, Sir!, is a young, loony writer with numerous problems of the mental, emotional, sexual, spiritual, and physical variety. He’s very good at problems. But luckily for Alan, he has a personal valet named Jeeves, who does his best to sort things out for his troubled master. And Alan does find trouble wherever he goes. He embarks on a perilous and bizarre road journey, his destination being an artists colony in Saratoga Springs. There Alan encounters a gorgeous femme fatale who is in possession of the most spectacular nose in the history of noses. Such a nose can only lead to a wild disaster for someone like Alan, and Jeeves tries to help him, but…

Well, read the book and find out!

A New York Times Notable Book / A Village Voice Top Shelf Book / An Amazon Top-Ten Book of the Year

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Jonathan Ames, author of Wake Up, Sir!, ‘Herring Wonder’ and HBO series creator, does Israel.

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“I thoroughly enjoyed Wake Up, Sir! as well as the writing style, and warmly recommend it. Bottom line: Well Done, Sir!”

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Gali's Blog, Tapuz

“A clever, sophisticated and very funny book.”

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“Laugh-out-loud funny… (A) Wodehouse novel for the recovery era.”

The New York Times