Water, Carry Me

Water, Carry Me

Thomas Moran

The breathtaking love story of a young woman’s betrayal, a haunting portrait of the extraordinary beauty and inexorable violence of a divided Ireland.

In what will surely be his most acclaimed novel yet, Moran carries us to the harbor towns of southern Ireland. Una Moss is a bright, young medical student struggling for independence from the world of her family’s secret loyalties. Aidan Ferrel is the man who wins her love, the stranger she chooses to trust. Water, Carry Me is the story of a singular love pitted against political passion–the chronicle of a young woman’s journey from innocence to betrayal, across the vivid brightness and darkness that is the heartbreaking landscape of her beloved Ireland.

Thomas Moran made his impressive literary debut with The Man in the Box, winner of the Book-of-the-Month Club’s Stephen Crane Award for First Fiction. The New Yorker comparedThe Man in the Box to the diary of Anne Frank, and the Los Angeles Times compared Thomas Moran to Elie Wiesel. On the heels of this success came what Booklist predicted would be “for many . . . the best book of the year.” The World I Made for Her confirmed the depth and breadth of Moran’s talent. “Now, to A Farewell to Arms and The English Patient,” Timemagazine harkened, “add another memorable star-crossed Red Cross romance.”

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“Thomas Moran . . . can immerse you utterly in whatever moment he chooses to describe.”

New York Times